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Character Profiles

Here to get you off the ground quickly in understanding who everyone is and what they're like, it's the Character Profiles section! At this stage, the profiles aren't that concrete, they just give a vague idea of what the characters are supposed to be like.

Omega Platoon

SargeAh, yes, the long-suffering Sarge, the worm who has to put up with the daily idiocies of the Omega Platoon recruits. Possibly a bit cowardly, Sarge volunteered for a job in training because he thought it would be safer than being on the front lines. How wrong can you be... Despite the problems, Sarge tries to maintain a decent sense of humour, and although he gives the outward appearance of respect his superiors, you get the feeling that he's a maverick at heart.
CorporalOriginally just meant to be a male worm with curly hair, I decided it made sense to make Corporal female, just to add a bit of variety to the casting. An intelligent, inquisitive and slightly rebellious young worm, these were traits considered unbecoming in a front-line NCO, so she got sent to the training sector instead. She shares great empathy with Sarge, as they're both in the same boat. She's no love interest though, and most definitely not fanservice (For three reasons: One, this isn't that sort of comic. Two, she's a worm. It's anatomically infeasible. Three, aren't worms hermaphrodite anyway?)
HowardHoward wears glasses. In the simple minds of his fellow recruits, this marks him out as an intellectual. In relative terms he probably is, but only in relative terms. Howard loves computers, and he spends disproportionate amounts of time surfing the Internet and gaming. He's a naturally curious worm, which does have its good points - but not really when you're training to be a soldier...
FrankFrank has a habit of ignoring orders, and he likes to think of himself as a bit of a maverick. Bully is too strong a word, but he often tries to exploit others to his advantage. His scheming tendencies would normally mark him out as NCO material, but a certain amount of natural incompetence counteracts that.
GeorgeThe big, dumb, generally good-natured guy, George often does silly things like teleport to Outer Mongolia. A straightforward sort, he has a habit of disliking Darksiders. Well, maybe that's an understatement.
TimothyShorter than the average worm, and somewhat timid to boot, Timothy is the occasional target of Frank's machinations. Timothy is actually reasonably competent, but he's also extremely shy. If he had more self-confidence, he could probably be a reasonable soldier, but as it is his habit of hanging back leaves him down with the others.

Other Cast Members

The MajorThe officer in charge of the whole Boot Camp complex, thinking of him as being a bit like a headteacher probably isn't a bad idea. Rather pompous most of the time, and prone to silly ideas that often backfire. Has to keep buying new cars due to the fact that Omega Platoon keep blowing them up.
Sgt. AndersonThe NCO in charge of Alpha Platoon, the high-fliers of Boot Camp as opposed to... well... Our Heroes, as it were. Sgt. Anderson is a Darksider, which does generate some natural prejudice against him (particularly from George). Probably more deserving of criticism though is his general cooler-than-thou attitude (and yes, "Anderson" and the perpetual sunglasses wearing are both Matrix references)

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