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If you'd like to link to me, then sure, go ahead: if you want me to link to you, then e-mail me about it (prv21_at_cam_dot_ac_dot_uk) and I'll check out your site, see if I like it. If you want to use my banner, here's one for you: do Save As on it to get your own copy (don't link directly to it, or it won't work):

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*trawls Favourites list*

Ozy and Millie (
A quite astonishingly good webcomic, with strips of syndication standard and amazing characterisation. Covers everything from politics to philosophy to sheer insanity, through the eyes of two young foxes. Updates (currently) Mon, Wed, Fri.
8-Bit Theatre (
One of the two most famous internet Sprite Comics, based around the exploits of the characters from Final Fantasy I. Updates Tues, Thurs, Sat.
Bob and George (
Based around the Mega Man games and pretty much the founder of the Sprite Comic style, and the trendsetter for all the sprite comic clichés that seem a bit stale now. They pull it off with a fair degree of class, though. Updates daily.
The Order of the Stick (
It's like 8-Bit Theatre, but with stick men instead of sprites. And it spoofs D&D more. And their Fighter's actually the intelligent one. Updates Mon, Thurs.
The Ruins/Ashes of the Fourth Wall (
It's a Dr. Robotnik fan comic. Personally, I think the earlier ones are better, but it's still worth it just for the screamingly hilarious Scrambled Eggs sprite comics. Irregular updates.
Apathy (
Acerbic student-based humour from Team 17 Forum friend Andrew Taylor. Updates Mon, Fri.
InkTank (
Actually three strips in one: Angst Technology, Weak-End Warriors and Sorry, We're Open. In terms of the professional style and so on, almost up with O&M. Updates daily, not counting weekends.
Fried (
Another webcomic run by a Forum friend, this time Ben "Squirminator2k" Paddon. Principally room-mates humour, with weird stuff thrown in.
Rooms (
Another webcomic run by a Forum friend. Set at a university, with prerequiste cast of weird students and insane talking parrot.
Two Evil Scientists (
Another sprite comic, and pretty well done. What happens when the casts of Sonic and Megaman cross over... Updates daily.
How Not To Run A Comic (
From useful tips to complete insanity (you must see the "sprite comics on lined paper" ones), HNTRAC is compulsive reading whether you want to make a comic or just want a laugh.
KeenSpace (
The hosts of this site. If you want to make your own webcomic (and have lots and lots of patience), then these are useful hosters of webcomics.
buzzComix (
A major comic directory. The place for finding silly webcomics to browse through.


The Team 17 Forums (
Creators of Worms, and the place where I spend most of my net time. This comic owes a major part of its existence to them.
My deviantART page (
I'm sticking a lot of my random drawings, photos and other silly stuff up there now.

Boot Camp is hosted on Keenspace, a free webhosting and site automation service for webcomics.
It's a good service, provided you have the patience to get through the sign-up process.