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Old News doesn't die... it just fades away... or alternatively, gets stuck here.

16.10.2004 - Boot Camp launches vaguely and unexpectedly early

After some wrangling with the whole irritating password business, which caused me to plan to launch today, then Monday, and now unexpectedly today again, the Boot Camp webcomic is now officially open.

Yes, I know it looks pretty basic at the mo. My intention is that this will change once I have a bit of a handle on what's going on. I know it's not exactly professional, but at least you can see a comic. Speaking of which, the update schedule: I plan to update every Saturday, but in the words of a friend, "a website with only one comic strip on it is something of a waste of our time". Thus, for this launch week week I'm giving extra strips for Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and then (with luck) regular Saturday strips from then on.

17.10.2004 - Well, it looks a bit neater now

I took my design from the old Boot Camp/MAPP website, and used it. There are a lot of unclickable links at the mo: they shall be fleshed out in due course. A (currently extremely redundant) archives page is now up.

18.10.2004 - Look at my spiffing navigation buttons!

Two comics up, and thus you can see my shiny navigation buttons, complete with prodding Worms and (I was rather taken by this one) the First and Last buttons being the First strip and a blank strip respectively.

I now have the History of Boot Camp and Character Profiles pages up and running, so pop along if you're bored of flicking through the two-strip archive. I also have my buzzComix boxes, which I transferred over from the old Boot Camp site, and the KeenSpace newsbox. I think they work rather well as part of the sidebar. Stick in a vote for me if you feel like it.

19.10.2004 - Sticking up more pages

The Guest Art page is now up, carrying over Traxada's guest art from the old Boot Camp/MAPP site. It is, of course, far better drawn that anything I could do ;-). I've also stuck up what might be called "filler pages" for the remaining unlinked things, so as to make my life a bit easier when it comes to filling them in.

22.10.2004 - Launch Week Ends

Yep, from now on the updates will be every Saturday. You now have five strips to flick through, so that should keep you occupied ;-). Unless I rack up an insanely large comic backlog (say ten strips waiting to go up), in which case you may see a few more strips. But as it is, it's every Saturday from now on.

28.10.2004 - Bye bye, fillers

All the filler pages are gone, and all pages now have proper content - I hope...

02.11.2004 - Good News and Bad News...

The bad news is that I appear to have RSI. I can cope with typing, writing and using a mouse with my left hand, but when I use it with my right hand it hurts like hell. As I can't draw with my left hand, I can't draw Boot Camp, not for a while at least.

The good news is that the next four strips are pre-drawn and awaiting uploading when the schedule rolls around to them. So I have a month to recover before I'd start missing updates (I knew that backlog would come in handy!). So worry ye not, my most likely single-figure audience...

08.11.2004 - Well, the RSI seems to have died away...

Guess I should just be careful with my posture in future

09.11.2004 - *adds self to*

Amazingly, it's not a vote button. Still, when you're done here, you might as well give it a click and see what it's like there. It seems like a nice enough site.

12.11.2004 - Same yet different

I was reading an article on how to design webcomic sites, and I noticed the following couple of paragraphs:

"Monitors project light and the purest, brightest light they can project is white. If your webpage has a white background, there's a lot of light being blasted out the front of the screen. It can contribute to eye strain, which in some people means eye ache or a headache.

"Which isn't to say you can't use it. It's not a huge problem or anything but it's still a point worth considering. Light colours are far easier on the eye than pure white. Digital War currently uses a very light grey and although the difference in glare is considerable, you'd probably need it pointed out before you realised it wasn't white."

I had actually noticed that the bright white was a little taxing on my eyes. So I've taken this advice to heart, and changed the background to a very pale grey. I made the background on the logo transparent to compensate for this, but alas I haven't done the same with the strips, because in the time honoured answer of slackers everywhere, "it'd take too long". I've also lightened the colour of the sidebar, for no real reason other than "I like it that way". And, behind the scenes, I've stuck in an external style sheet. You (hopefully) won't see a difference there, but it means less work for me if ever I want to change the webpage style.

22.11.2004 - My goodness, that's a good webcomic

This piece of news is rather silly on two counts in that a) I'm actually directing people away from the site and b) he's been going several years, so I'm probably the last one to know about it, but Ozy and Millie is quite astonishingly good. Read it; it may even make you a better person.

12.12.2004 - Christmas is coming,...

First, sorry there hasn't been much news in a while as I've been concentrating on building up a scarily large backlog of comics. You may be pleased to hear that in the new year I'm going to switch from one eight-frame strip a week to two four-frame ones, hopefully in a move that'll benefit all of us.

For now... well, the next two strips will be Christmas related, as you might imagine considering the time of year. Also, I've done one or two minor things such as adding greyed-out navigation buttons to try and preserve the symmetry of the comic navigation bar. And uh, that's it, really.

Boot Camp is hosted on Keenspace, a free webhosting and site automation service for webcomics.
It's a good service, provided you have the patience to get through the sign-up process.