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Well, sort of. In part this is to placate those who're annoyed at this hiatus I've dropped into. But yeah...


Comes in a variety of sizes. Well, some do. Click the desired resolution, then when the picture loads, go Right Click > Set As Wallpaper... (Firefox) or Right Click > Set As Background (IE). No idea what you do in Opera, sorry, but I'm sure you'll work it out.

Make Tea And War
If ever I'm in a position to make such things, I want a mug with this one on.
640 x 480
800 x 600
1024 x 768
1280 x 980
Why I don't do Fanservice
I know I've made comments about this before, but I felt there was a decent (and not just indecent) joke in here. Anyway: to the limits that character designs, good taste and my sense of humour will allow...
1024 x 768

Old Bonus Strips

Strips that were previously in use on my buzzComix "voter incentive" thingy.

Weapons Guide 1: Bazooka
Weapons Guide 2: Grenade

The Hand-Drawn Stuff!

Yay, it's the old pencil stuff I drew before I restarted in Corel PhotoPaint... now you can see why I switched ;-)

1. Prod Practice
2. Teleporter Trouble
3. Pull Your Ripcord!
4. Sarge... Crying?
5. Car-Tastrophe!
6. The Assault Course
7. To Battle!
8. Testing Times
9. Major Mishap
10. History Repeats Itself
11. Exam Practice

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It's a good service, provided you have the patience to get through the sign-up process.