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Here's the rest of my, for want of a better word, artistic output. I now have a page on deviantART where most of this stuff goes as well now.

Worms Forts: Under Siege Fanart

Bucket helmets?
Rocket science
Don't let Frank near a trebuchet
Hamster miniguns are barbaric
Maths is Fun!
World-changing discovery
H.G. Wells, eat your heart out
Wartime entertainment
"They all laughed at Christopher Columbus,..."


Did I mention I like writing MIDIs? Anyway, here's some of my more choice compositions, remizes, medleys, etc.

Flying High
Okay, a while back I was involved in a fan game project called Star Worms 2, as the composer. I became really interested in one of the tunes I came up with for the project, and started work on remixing into something bigger and better. Flying High was (for a while) the end product of this process. It's (I believe I have the terminology) a very fast-paced, upbeat song, if a tad repetitive (Remember I did make the original for a platform game! :-P)

Flying High Again
One or two people have suggested that FH was my one really original tune, and a lot of my other stuff has been based on tinkering with it. Well, yeah, that's mainly true. Certainly I love to tinker with it. Flying High Again was the product of one bout of tinkering, basically trimming some of the stuff I wasn't so keen on, and adding some new stuff, but keeping the same basic feel.

BBC Cricket Theme Remix
Or, as the tune was originally known when Booker T and the MGs wrote it, Soul Limbo. I love the original, it would actually be one of my Desert Island Discs, and it was sad when it was lost from the airwaves because Channel 4 and Sky won the broadcast rights for cricket from the Beeb. Happily in recent times TMS (Radio 4's cricket coverage team) managed to get the song, so I'm now able to here it again. But anyway, I couldn't resist doing a remix of that great tune, so here it is.

Advance Wars CO Medley
It's... well... a medley of various CO theme tunes from the computer game Advance Wars 2. Features the themes Nell, Sami, Drake, Andy, Sensei and Colin. I may make other versions at a later date with more COs, but it'll do for now.

Labyrinth Zone Remake
A remake of the theme from the Labyrinth Zone from Sonic 1 (Mega Drive/Genesis edition).

Green Hills Zone Arrangement
A jazzy arrangement of the theme from Green Hills Zone from Sonic 2 for the Game Gear/Master System (not to be confused with Green Hill Zone from Sonic 1, or Emerald Hill Zone from Sonic 1 for the Mega Drive/Genesis)

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