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Obviously the basic concept of the cartoon is based around Team 17's Worms series, but the characters, plots and jokes are my own ideas (though if it does turn out I'm stealing someone else's stuff, it's unconsciously and my apologies in advance). Kieran Hubbard deserves a mention for coming up with lots of ideas, most of which get turned down (for some reason he's under the impression that Boot Camp should be an avant-garde strip. Hmm.), though some are under consideration for future strip ideas. He's also a usefully critical sounding board to bounce ideas off.


My drawing, such as it is, comprises the majority of the stuff what is on this site. I draw straight to computer, using an optical mouse and Corel Photo-Paint 8. However, for some of the strips I've used sprites from Worms Armageddon, which is copyright Team 17. The sprites I use may be found on Worms Armageddon: The Page of Light.

My worm drawing style is primarily based on Team 17 Forumer MonkeyforaHead's style - the "vertical body" design. Check out his DeviantArt page here. The eye style is quite new, and comes from the Garfield way of drawing eyes.

Site/Strip Design and Layout

Website design used to be (still is, though not as much) rather a hobby of mine. I like to write in raw HTML (so thank you, Notepad). It's a little different this time round as Keenspace provide the basic code that I get to build on (including the rather-clever-once-you-get-to-grips-with-it), rather than me coding from scratch.

The layout of the strip is all my own work, though I guess I took advice from various sources about, for example, the use of guttering (the white spaces between panels)

Additional Thanks

To my parents, for the obvious. You couldn't wish for better ones.

To my real life friends (at home and at Uni), for their support of my endeavours and also for getting me into reading webcomics regularly (though this may have a detrimental effect in some senses ;-))

To the community at the Team 17 Forums, where I watched other artists at work before finally picking up the pencil (and later, mouse) myself, where the concept of Boot Camp was gestated and where I got my first breaks in the world of comics. And also for them being a great bunch of people.

And to the community at the Keenspace Forums, for taking this webcomicking newbie under their wing.

Boot Camp is hosted on Keenspace, a free webhosting and site automation service for webcomics.
It's a good service, provided you have the patience to get through the sign-up process.